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Nengajyo 年賀状 Japanese New Year Card

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These are new year card called as "nengajyo" in Japan.

These are new year card called as “nengajyo” in Japan.


We Japanese have a habit to exchange new year card called “Nenga-jyo” in Japanese kanji character 年賀状. This nengajyo is delivered in the first day of JAN.

Nengajyo has red mark and these cards are delivered on 1st/JAN. This was exchanged to good friends, colleague of company, classmate, relative, etc. My father in low received about 120 cards, but I am 30 cards this year. When I was a student I wrote these one all my hand. When I had started to work, I use to write it by computer. In these days computer has become popular in Japan. All hand written one is not often seen. Some Japanese bought printer only use for this nengajyo. To make computer is very easy to write, but it is a little lonely I think. Nengajyo means to thanks to person so I have to write a message by my hand. There are many style in Nengajyo. This is the one of the habits of Japanese. But younger generation are many not write a Nengajyo. I heard that they are interact with their smart phone. Lol

decoration of in front of door

wadooshi in toilet

wadooshi in bathroom

wadooshi in the kitchen

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January 2015
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