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Over working no pay

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Over working no pay


We Japanese are called as patient. I think it is the truth. When we had be given the work we do it with patient. It is good I think.


When I went to France I was surprised the shop had closed in lunch time. Japanese stores are not closed in lunch time. We Japanese think that we have to work when it is the lunch time. Also surprised that the stores were closed till 6 pm. Japanese stores are opened till midnight. We have been accustomed this situation. We think that the service receive anytime and anywhere. This situation is not good I think.


In Japanese auction, there were not unacknowledged handling charge. We only can claim to buyer about really shipping amount. When it spend the cost to buy boxes, to packing carefully, it had not unacceptable. Japanese are thinking that the service were free. I think it is not good habit.


I am a Japanese eBay seller and I studied about handling charge. At first I was surprised about it. I took many times to make parcels and buy many materials. I am glad to recognize them as handling charge. I am Japanese and I was difficult to add handling charge to shipping price. I said to me that I am not volunteer. I add the shipping charge from today’s exhibition. I am aching my heart but it is ok I think.


There is a reason that there is no chip institutional I think. When we had received the good service, we had must not to pay chip. So we Japanese were thinking always received good service in free. Many person were working with no pay to making for the customer good service. I think this is not good.


There are good and not good about Japanese habit. I will introduce them little by little.

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January 2015
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