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The New Year decoration in Miyagi

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For Japanese most important day is the New Year. The people working in the big City returned own home and spend the New Year with parents.

There are many decoration in the New Year. This is a little different by region I think. My area is very interested in. On the door side to decorate written about Happy New Year made by mandarin, a sacred straw festoon, and white and red paper. In the house put the sake offered to the shrine and two rice cakes on a household Shinto altar shelf and household family Buddhist altar. There were hanging called Wadooshi. Wadooshi is made by like straw. They were decorated the each room in my house. Toilet and warehouse also same. I searched about these decoration I found that it was done only my area. I live in Miyagi prefecture Sendai-City, only this area I think.

This is called that in the New Year many gods has come in our house so we greet these gods. We also decorate four paper written gods. The omiki which offered to the shrine is for the gods. Two rice cakes also same. Miyagi’s New Year decoration is very interested in but new generation house not do I heard. I think the culture is very important and we must continue to do about it.


Please enjoy also this vedeo.

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January 2015
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