Privacy Policy

In light of the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information,” this site “about JAPAN” will make every effort to protect personal information and handle it appropriately as follows.

1.Acquisition of information
This site may collect user information in the following two ways.

1.A. Input by the user
You are required to enter your handle name and e-mail address in the comment entry field. The email address will be used only in case the administrator needs to contact the commenter. The email address will not be made public on the site either. (At this stage, we do not accept comments on the about JAPAN website)

1.B Cookies
This site uses access analysis services, affiliate programs, and advertising distribution services for the purpose of enhancing article content and stable site operation. For this purpose, we may collect information through a system called cookies. Cookies are recorded in the user’s computer when the user visits the site. The recorded information does not include anything that identifies the user, such as user name or e-mail address. If you do not like the collection of information by such cookies, you can set your browser to reject the acceptance of cookies. In this case, the service may not function properly depending on the contents. 2.

2. use of information
The information collected through the above methods may be used by this site and its partners to improve the services of this site and to track the effectiveness of marketing activities. However, it is not possible for the administrators of this site to identify any individual from this information. We will not disclose any personal information to any third party without your permission, except when required by law or in response to a legally enforceable request. 3.

3. precautions
This site takes the utmost care to protect the information collected through the above methods. 4.

4. services that this site uses or is affiliated with
4.A. Access Analysis Service
The “about JAPAN” website uses an access analysis service provided by Google, Inc. Cookies are used to collect traffic data, but users can set their browsers to refuse to accept cookies. Please refer to the privacy policy of each service for information that is obtained and collected by these services.

4.B Affiliate Program
The “about JAPAN” site participates in the following affiliate programs. Please refer to each program’s privacy policy for information collected by these programs.

4.B.1 amazon associate program
The “about JAPAN” website is a participant in the amazon Associates Program. We may collect information directly from visitors to our site and may set or recognize cookies on visitors’ browsers.

4.B.2 Google Adsense
The “about JAPAN” website participates in the Google Adsense program offered by Google, Inc. In the process of serving ads, cookies, device-specific information, location information, and other information collected from such devices may be used. No personally identifiable information is collected in the process.

4.B.3 Rakuten Affiliate Program
The “about JAPAN” website participates in the Rakuten Affiliate Program, provided by Rakuten, Inc. We may collect information directly from visitors to our site and may set or recognize cookies on their browsers. Specifically, we may automatically display the products that visitors have viewed so far.

4.B.4 Other Affiliate Programs
The “about JAPAN” website participates in other affiliate programs offered by ASP, Affiliate Service Providers. Only products and services that have been screened and allowed to be listed in accordance with the terms and conditions will be listed.

However, this does not apply to cases based on laws and regulations, cases where it is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of a person, cases where it is especially necessary for public health or the sound development of children, or cases where we cooperate with national or police investigations.

June 2024
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