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Japanese old style toilet bowl

If you come to Japan you will surprise about Japanese restroom. Where would you go to restroom at first in Japan? Airport, Station, Hotels and Restaurant there are also restrooms in many spots.

It is recently restroom has become beautiful and clean. In Japan also famous cleaning toilet seat called Washlet. This is high-tech and very difficult to use maybe. In these days there are also at the Convenience store like 7-11 and many fast food shop. This Washlet is located in the most of the home in Japan. This is my house Washlet. It is difficult to manipulate to look for the first time. I took the video and introduce here. Please enjoy it.

This is famous system.

When I went to Hatsumode, we went to a small museum at the top. It was the swords of museum and very old which was built about 50 years ago. I went to restroom and found interesting one. I thought it would wonder to use for foreigner. There are many this type toilet bowl in Japan. I don’t know it is written to guide book of Japan. May be to use is very hard to Foreigner. I took the photo so please imagine how to use it. If you are eating something, I apologize you about to talk it.

Japanese old style toilet bowl

Japanese old style toilet bowl

These videos are in my restroom. Please enjoy.

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January 2015
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