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Japanese Osechi New Year traditional food

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osechi case paper made

During the New Year, Japanese people meet with family and eat special food. It is called Osechi. During the first three days of New Year Japanese called these period as Shinnen or Sanganichi.

Osechi are in the special box called jyubako. Usually it is two or three stages and many places to put in. Many delicious side food which are grilled, boiled, vinegared, in it. They are very beautiful and made as keep well long. The first three days we eat these dishes. When I was kid, my mother made these osechi. But now of age, not to make but to buy from the store or internet.

I live with my wife and father in low three persons. Father in low likes to eat very much so he buy osechi every year. He bought osechi also this year and we ate it. I had big mistake sorry, I forgot to take photos of osechi. I decided to write this blog from this year 1/1. When I had decided, osechi was already opened. I took photos of eaten osechi sorry. At first this is image of osechi.

osechi Japan

We bought this year osechi.

This was sold in the store so it was wrapped by Japanese traditional cloth till last year. This year was wrapped like cloth. In carefully seeing I found it is like paper. Because the price is risen, the company saving the material. This year’s paper which like cloth written Japanese pine tree. This is very good but it is like cloth actually paper.


This was cloth till lase year

Real osechi is in the box of wooden but my house osechi box is made by hard paper. Though they are made well, a waste in Japanese “mottainai” I think.

osechi case paper made

This box is made by cardboard paper.

I introduce the image of already eaten sorry. There are some foods in it. At first these are many beautiful foods in it. Again sorry so much to miss took the photos. I promise you I will took photos and introduce them next year. I introduce some foods so please enjoy them.

Japanese osechi

very delicious

red and white mochi in osechi

This is made by mochi. So delicate work.

At last I introduce the price to be worried about. The price of osechi is about $200 to $350. My house one is maybe $200. It was paid by father in the low.Lol   There are many interesting traditional foods in Japanese New Year. Next time I will introduce rice sweet called in Japanese Mochi. Please be relieved next time. Thank you very much.




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January 2015
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