about JAPAN blog


I’d like to write the things that happen to me every day maybe. I’m going to write it with no google translation because I want to write correct English. There is a English English dictionary on my desk. I try it.

  1. sushi We have enjoyed Japanese Real Sushi Shop SUSH…
  2. japanhome The event of to catch lice from human when th…
  3. Japanese onsen Do you like to take a bath?
  4. Japanese education English education in Japan
  5. toothbrush from the day before yesterday I had a toothac…
  6. SHOWTIME What is the Ohsyu City where Shohei Ohtani SH…
  7. Japanese antique woodern bowl reply of Mark Schaefer
  8. beautiful flowers an offer from Mark Schaefer
  9. Japanese antique mask try a new thing
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