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Newspaper AD

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AD of Japanese supermarket

I think that there are newspapers in your country. The newspaper is delivered at 5:00 a.m. every day in Japan of my area. When the weather would be rain the newspaper has delivered with wrapped in a plastic bag.

When I was a child the newspaper was written by only black ink. About 20 years ago color printing has started. In these days the font changed as a little big because there are many old people in Japan. Also in Japan smartphone is popular and everyone can read the topic of newspaper by smartphone. I read that many company of newspaper with history is painful. There are many AD paper in Japanese morning newspaper. There are more than 20 in many day. The supermarket’s AD is very interesting. This is called one of the marketing so be considered well. They were setting Daily SALE GOODS to call the customer. All retail uses this Newspaper AD I think. Property sales, car sales, clothes, restaurant, home center, tutoring school, call job offer, there are many AD paper in Japanese Newspaper. There are many Pachinko in my area so there are many AD of pachinko. The AD is different region by region I think. There are many AD on the weekend.


Japan Newspaper AD

There are many AD today

AD of Japanese supermarket

AD of Japanese supermarket

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March 2015
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