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TOYOTA is big but

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Do you know TOYOTA? This company is most famous and profitable company in Japan. Many cars are very popular all over the world. Japanese cars are called easy to maintenance and not to broken easily. Good economical fuel consumption, compact and easy to drive. I think it is right. Japanese are said that we were earnestness and good at continue the improvement thinking. We have not personality but we can made good things.

A car is not made only TOYOTA. Many company had supplied the parts to TOYOTA. For the company to deal with TOYOTA is very value because to expected stable orders. There is many subcontract under TOYOTA. TOYOTA said to the subcontract company very severe price. The subcontract company is not resist to TOYOTA because they have been kept received their job from TOYOTA. It is good for TOYOTA but not good for Subcontract Company. Order is a lot but profit is a little. This situation had many happened in the subcontract company in TOYOTA. It is not good I think but It had not changed only about my power.

The technology of Japanese car is not only big company. Japanese small company had played an important role. And they are fighting with the delivery time and cost from the parent company.

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January 2015
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