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Water in Japan

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Japanese water

Japanese water is very clean. When you found a faucet anywhere in Japan the water can drink. If the water can not drink there is a note of caution that “The water is not suitable for drinking”.

In Japan many rain has fallen. Water purification plant has saved water and did processing to drink. In a little more specific the plant is about this. 1) incorporate the water from the river  2) removed a large sand and stones by sinking  3) fine sand was sunk to use chemicals  3) make the turbidity to flock  4) sink the flock  5) put a chlorine  6) filtered  7) put a chlorine again and adjust  The processed has done automatically but there is a process that a human must to do. This is a check of mold. It has done by human taste and adjust to put the chemicals. So Japanese water smells of chlorine a little but it is said that the lever of safely to human. About 30 years ago this chlorine smell was very strong so people don’t like to drink the water from a faucet. Now the technology has evolved and all became well. But Japanese are little nervousness so some Japanese are not to drink water from a faucet. Japan has a good system of the cleaning water like this but imported a lot of water from many countries.
Tap water until it reaches the customer  here

In common with my wife has been bought water from supermarket about 6 month ago but now stopped to buy. My wife said that the garbage has decreased and time has also reduced all has became well. The real reason was that we have no money. This is real reason.


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February 2015
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