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Japanese garden in my house

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Japanese snow fallen garden

Japanese garden in my house

Japanese famous City is very small. Tokyo is very convenient but not good if you hope quiet living. The house in Tokyo is very tight made. There are many famous companies in Tokyo so office worker decide to live near Tokyo. Japanese are serious so every time in the company. Many Japanese are thinking that it is important to live near the office. So there are many companies in Tokyo and many people are living in Tokyo and near prefecture. Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa is often called as bed town of Tokyo.

When the men decide to build his house in Tokyo or near bed town, it is very expensive. When he got his house in Tokyo, this house is very tight maybe. It is called to have Japanese garden is very difficult to own. It need large space and many tax to have Japanese garden. To maintenance also very expensive.

But I have Japanese garden. There is secret for me to own Japanese garden. I born in Tokyo and lived in Tokyo till 30 year. I like nature than city so I decided to live other area than Tokyo. I had married the women who was born in Tohoku Miyagi prefecture and we had started to live with her father in the low. In Japan this style is called as “Masuo-san”. Masuo-san is the character of Japanese traditional TV animation called Sazae-san. He is living with father and mother in low and living in conservatively because the house is not own himself. I also same. But Miyagi is about 400km far from Tokyo and easy to live. There is Shinkansen to Tokyo and it takes about two hours to Tokyo. People said that the wind is a little strong and a little cold during the winter, but very good to spend and living area. There are mountains, livers and the sea near here. To happen earthquake is the only disadvantage thing.

This area is different to Tokyo. There is also a little Tohoku accent to the words. There are many lands and rice fields in Miyagi. The father in low has his house with Japanese garden. This is very beautiful and good for me. My wife and father in low thinks that it is a very ordinary thing in this area. So I got the Japanese garden in the end. I had maintenance every season and enjoy it very much. I will continue to introduce my Japanese garden.

This is the video I have taken so please enjoy it.

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January 2015
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