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Pizza Delivery Service

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Japanese pizza

There is delivery service of pizza in Japan. Japanese staple food is rice so we rarely eat pizza. When we order pizza this is the special situation. For example friend has come and to make the party, or to make a birthday party etc. Japanese foods are said that it is small amount. If you order Japanese delivery pizza as you usually eat size about 12 inch, do you know how much in Japan? If you heard this question you might be surprise the price of Japanese delivery pizza.

There is two size in the menu. M size is 10 inch and L size is 12 inch. When we buy to the party it needs 12 inch maybe. What do you think How is the price of 12 inch pizza. How much was pizza sold in your country?

In Japan there are many delivery system to eat Japanese traditional food. Soba is most famous delivery food in Japan. My mother ordered Japanese Soba many times when I was kid. The delivery Japanese soba most cheap one is about $5. It is also now same price. But this Japanese delivery pizza 12inch is $30. This is very expensive I think.

I searched internet and found that the price of American Pizza. Free drink and to eat Pizza as much as I like for $6 at cici’s pizza. I think Japanese try not to eat Pizza. There are many shops to eat delicious foods in Japan but the shop of Pizza is a little and so expensive. When you came to Japan please remember that to eat Pizza is very expensive.

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January 2015
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