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To start things from April

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The ceremony on entry into this compan

Many things had started from April in Japan. Japanese school year is start from April. Many company had started to employ new employee. These employees are special means for the company because they are new graduate. Japanese students are thinking to be employed by big company.

Generally speaking, it was said that to be employed the big company as a new graduate is good in Japan. Many company had a big ceremony on entry into the company. Usually it will be held in-house but big company will be held in a big assembly hall. This is an image of Japanese top company TOYOTA maybe a few years ago.

The ceremony on entry into toyota company

this is the ceremony of toyota

Do you know Japanese company of COLUMBUS? COLUMBUS is the company of shoe shine cream. This cream is high quality so it is popular all over the world. The cream is injected by the human hand. The label is attached to fit the direction also by the human hand. The ceremony on entry into this company is reported TV every year. At first employees polish the shoes of new employees. Next, new employees polish the shoes of employees as the return. This is the web site of Columbus about the ceremony on entry into the company named Shoe polish new entry ceremony. Here There is a great hope to entry the new company. Many people had started a new life as a new office worker, freshman, in this season. This season is overlaps with the flowering of the cherry blossoms in Japan. So the season of spring and the blooming of cherry blossoms are especially feeling for Japanese.

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