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excess delivery servise

As your country so Japanese also has increased the purchase of the internet. Also for Japanese smartphone became popular. It became very easy to access internet and be able to purchase every time everything. It is very convenient. I also purchase many items from the shop in the internet.

How is the delivery of your country? Japanese delivery system is very convenient. Till about 400km the parcel arrives next day in the morning. Till 600km arrives next day in the afternoon. And there are incredible delivery system in Japanese Delivery Company. We can appoint the delivery day and delivery time. Delivery time is divided to 6. 1) in the morning 2) 12:00-2:00pm 3) 2:00pm-4:00pm 4) 4:00pm-6:00pm 5) 6:00pm-8:00pm 6) 8:00pm-9:00pm This service is FREE. I think this service is excesses. Every Japanese think that the parcel can appoint the delivery time.

This service is too heavy the burden to Japanese Delivery Company. There are some delivery company in Japan and most able of company is Yamato Express in Japanese called “Kuroneko Yamato no takkyu bin”. The mobile phone number of delivery stuff are uploaded in internet and we are able to contact delivery stuff easily. When we sent redeliver message, the message arrive to the delivery stuff’s mobile phone. I was a driver of this delivery about 15years ago. There was not popular internet and people who buy things through the internet was less than now. I cannot do now because the service is too excess.

The TV show said that the stuff of delivery was not been sufficiently secured. There are many delivery type, from the port to the factory, from factory to the warehouse, from warehouse to the retail store etc. There is the time not to driver because no driver. The situation of Japanese logistics and delivery is becoming serious. Does your country as same?

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January 2015
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