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from the day before yesterday I had a toothache

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My tooth aches. I have bad tooth. I have gone to the dentist and finished all treatment of my bad tooth. But it has happened tooth aches. I cannot chew my meal. What am I do? To the dental clinic? I have no time and money for my dental care.

My dental care method

When I was junior high school 12 years old, it was held that “how to maintenance your tooth” method in the classroom. A dentist came to our classroom and teaches us how to maintenance our tooth. This dentist told us that it is good to use hard toothbrush and also it is good to do this care for 15 minutes. I have believed this lesson and up to now, I have been continued it. I am thinking that my tooth is in good condition.

a website said that

When I was a childhood, my tooth often ached. This pain was very strong and hard for me. I was unbearable. But now, it is not like so. The pain appeared only eat time. I have searched the websites.

The website said that bad tooth pain caused by not tooth reason. It was often caused by body condition. I have done hard yardwork in my house at last weekend. I can’t get rid of my fatigue. I guess that is real reason, isn’t it?

5day has passed

5 days has passed and the pain has passed. I can chew now. I can eat my meal with no worry. Toothaches caused by my hard fatigue.

There are many dentists around my house

What the number of dentists in your town? There are many dentists in my town. I counted and found that there are 5 dentists near my house. I think dentist work is hard. The city I am living is quite big city so there are many dentists. But there is no dentist in the local city. A lot of things are concentrated in a big city.

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