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We have enjoyed Japanese Real Sushi Shop SUSHIRO the time in 18 months

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At Japanese OBON we have enjoyed SUSHIRO

My wife and I have gone to the Sushi shop for the first time in 18 months.

She said that “I have downloaded app of this Sushi shop and I have reserved at 3:30 p.m. Let’s go this Shop it might be clouded because of Obon.”

Obon means Japanese Summer holidays.  It is said that this season our forefathers return back to us.  We decorate our household shrine and welcome them.  We also visit our grave and give flower and offer incense sticks and prayer for them. We are going to visit our grave before go to Sushi shop.

Yesterday of one years ago

Yesterday of one year ago, my wife has left the large hospital.  The day was very hot about 35 Celsius. Her blood clots clogged the vessels of her brain.  She has hovered between life and death.  After that she has recovered that can spend her life, but she could not see normal. She got an aftereffect of her eyes.

Her aftereffect was that cannot see straight line, but see it like serrated line.

The doctor said only that become well little by little, so she has disappointed that to be well from now on.  And she did not know can doing her work.  She broke under stress of her sick and also became depressed from this situation.

She also has cervical for cancer

And after 3 months later, she is going to operate on her cervical for cancer.

I have done my housework and care of father in Low very hard.  And somehow, I have continued my work.  I have lost about 10 kilos as the whole neighborhood is talking about.

When this time, I resigned myself we could not life just as usual.

But the time wasn’t deserted us.

The doctor of mental clinic has given her a sympathetic ear and very kind for us.  Her depression was getting well day by day although she doesn’t drink medicine so much.

My wife went to the glasses shop and made a new glass for her diplopia.  A salesperson of glasses shop was very kind for her.  My wife was satisfied her service and presented her something when receive new glasses.

Also, we thank persons of my wife’s workplace.  They were thoughtful my wife.  My wife was able to concentrate on treatment.

We are happy to spend normal life

A year since then, she has recovered well to can eat Sushi with me.  Her diplopia is getting well day by day though.  She was getting well can spend dairy life as normal.  Though she has been taking medicine of a light sleeping pill and a blood thinner, recovered to can spend normal life.

We have been taking care of our food because of the illness caused by overeating.  We stopped to eat cup ramen, fried chicken, salty foods like not good for our health.  We are eating our food with care each other.

We could enter the Sushi shop without waiting because of it was during Obon season, time was good, or rainy situation.  It was done by our smartphone to showing table and payment.  I have felt as if I was living in another age because I am not good at my smartphone.

How many orders we have in SUSHIRO? and how much?

It was a little late to the celebreality of my wife’s recovery from her illness, we have enjoyed the Sushi so much.  We have ordered 35 menus and paid about 6,000 yen.  We were very happy because we were thinking cannot spent normal life one year ago.

“The system is very good.  Though we have done overeating, it was very delicious.  Let’s go again.”

I saw my wife’s face and thank her recovery.  I want to her thanks of recovery.  Though I said her, I want to say other persons who were helped her.


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