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Do you like to take a bath?

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Japanese people like to take a bath

Japanese people like to take a bath.  It is considered to be relax to take a bath.  When I was a childhood, there was no bath in my house.  There were many public baths in my local.  Within walking distance, there were four public bathes in my local city.  They became no demand and be closed, by the changing of the times.

how many take a bath or shower in a week?

It is unbelievable question for you.  About 50 years ago, every Japanese people have no own bath.  My Mon is now 85 old and she does not take a bath every day.  When she was a young girl, she could not take a bath every day. So, she feels that it is OK to take a bath 2 times in a week.  There is another reason.  I wrote about Japanese public bath but this bath was a little expensive for the common Japanese people.  The bathing fee is $4.35 now.  The children bathing fee is cheaper but this bathing fee is a burden on the household.  There were many children in this era.

for cleanliness or relaxation?

What means bathe for you?  Many Japanese people feels relaxation for taking a bath.  To take a bath is nice for a change.  I also feel so.  Bath time is very important for us.  But there are many people thinking that it is okey to take a shower.  Shower is good for cleanliness.  It is also easy for use.  I know it is the easiest way to clean up your body.  To cleaning up your body means that you can relax.  It is a difference in country and culture.

What will you do about the hot water which were used in the bathtub?

I guarantee you will be surprised about answer of this question.  We use the water of bathtub for many times.  The person who takes a bath do not up plug the bathtub.  The hot water has been recycled.  Today, I have unplugged our bathtub and cleaned up bathtub.  It has been two weeks since I last cleaned up this tub.  I know you cannot believe it but it is the truth and actually in Japanese culture.

Is Japanese culture interesting for you?  If you said so,  I am very happy.

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