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Moon seems most clear day eat dango sweets on 十五夜

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danso sweets

There are many interesting culture in Japan. Today we Japanese are going to eat dango sweets in the night. We must eat this dango only this night. Why we eat dango this day? Why only this day? When you read this contents you will find that Japanese are what thinking and what thanks. This was originated with great nature.

danso sweets

This was sold at supermarket near my house

We are called the day which moon seems most clear as jyu-goya in Japanese Kanji charactor 十五夜. This is in the fall. Fall is the season of harvest. We feel that the moon power is great in the nature. We thanks all nature and all harvest. The sun is most strong but the moon also a little strong. The moon power also great for the nature. The activation of insect, the tide, for the Women, many things are influenced on.

The moon power brings us the harvest. We are able to eat many delicious foods. We thanks the moon and the nature from our heart. We decorate with silver grasses and offer dango sweets to the moon. It is said that silver grass can house a Shinto God, and acts as a charm against evil. In the fall silent night we enjoy the full moon lighting and thanks all the nature we are living.

Over a long span of time, many things are changed about us. But there are the Japanese traditional spirits in our heart forever.

This package are sold at supermarket near my house. This was sold about $1.50. The yellow one is expressed moon. In Japan, it is said that there are rabbits on the moon. The moon pattern looks like a rabbit pounding rice cake with a mortar and pestle.

Today is very nice day. We are going to enjoy this sweets in the night.

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September 2015
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