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Delicate ironware

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HONYAKI hocho Japanese antique

There are many ironware in Japan. Sword katana, iron kettle tetsubin, chef knife hocho, scissors hasami, zizai specimen jizai-okimono, armor kattyuu etc.

They have many histories and the production method is delicate. I am going to introduce about Japanese chef’s knife hocho. There are many style chef knife called in Japan “hocho”. Modern things have been become easy so antique is very interesting. Also in modern times there is delicate hocho which is interesting but they are very expensive. I have now antique hocho so I will tell you about it. I am eBay seller and I often go to the Japanese antique market. In this market I purchase some items and introduce to the people all over the world. These are called Nakiri Hocho. ‘Na’ means leaf or vegetables and ‘kiri’ means to cut in Japanese. There are two method to make hocho. The name of method are HONYAKI and AWASE(USUBA). Honyaki is made like Japanese sword. It need though the very difficult process. Awase(usuba) is composite forging. It is easier than Honyaki. There are two kinds to Honyaki. There are flexible and rigid. It is formed by a difference in the steel hardening process. I was thought them by the customer in Europe. Thank you. Usually most Japanese are not interested in about these things. Now foreigners became familiar with Japanese culture.

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May 2015
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