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about me

The post “I am Japanese” was published in 2014.  In 2021 JUL, I had re-started this website, so I am going to write “about me” again.

where born

My name is Hiroshi Fukushima.  Born in Tokyo in Mar 1966. Living in Miyagi prefecture now.

about my name

Fukushima is family name.  This name is same as nuclear power plant that caused the accident in 2011 by Tsunami. There are 47 prefectures in Japan.  There is same prefecture name Tohoku region in Japan.

Hiroshi is first name.  This name was popular till about 40 years ago.  Now era, there is almost no person same my name in this era.  I was named by my father.  He has been reading newspaper and found that good my name in the paper.  My parents are lukewarm about my name.


Father and Mother lives in Tokyo.  In 2011, Father is 87 old and Mother is 86 old.  My sister lives near our parents.  Two years older than me.

I have married in 2000 and moved to Miyagi prefecture in Tohoku region Sendai city.  This town is home of my wife.  My wife is same age.  We have no children and living with father in Low.


Before married,  I had many hobbies.  Outdoor, car, play music, trip, etc.  But now,  there is no power to enjoy many hobbies.  I like car and I have been owned Toyota LAND CLUISER for 34 years.  This model is bj40V.  Recently, I am enjoying repairing this car.  And I like now gardening.  I have Japanese Garden in my house.  If I do not care my garden, the grass grows quickly.  There is my life work.


I was working on my own as sole proprietorship.  Main work was eBay seller.  I like Japanese old culture and antique goods.  I have corrected them and have been selling on eBay.  At first this business seems good,  but I could not live on this earning.  I have started working as a truck driver with non-regular employment.  I have continued these double working.


I have no saving.  I have only debts.  I am paying back my debt little by little.


I’m worried about the Japanese pension system.  I just need ONLY a little money.


I am now 55 old but I think I am healthy, if I do say so myself. I don’t drink, smoke, and eat only oily foods.

Final Education

Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Jindai High School.  I’m a weirdo, so I got a job without going to college.

There are data of me.


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